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      Hello JAH warrior crew.
      1 – Let me first start of by saying how grateful I am to be able to play on your awesome JAH servers. Much appreciated and I continue to have a BF3-blast every time I log into them.
      Again: Thank you all very much for keeping the BF3 spirit alive and kicking

      2 – When I learned how to find out which rules <rules!> run on which JAH BF3 multiplayer server (JAH9 Markaz Monolith) , I encountered the term [RedZone]. Since I did not know what it was I scraped the JAH  websites and other online outlet, looking for a clue what a Redzone exactly was.

      The only thing i could find was this forum-posting over here

      But this forum posting + images only shows redzones on your dedicated Metro Servers (and not all other 8 BF3 servers)

      3 – So I started to ask around – via the BF3 ingame chat – until I encountered some of the real-life JAH admins, very busy kicking other redzone-abusing players from the servers

      So I started thinking towards “a concept /  a permanent solution” since… 9assuming good intentions here) “How can BF3 multi-player obey red-zone rules if they can not an actual definition and image of the redzones on the JAH (and many other BF3) server maps? (since – from my own experience there seem to be a LOT of confusion about this topic – for years now)

      4 – I have come up with this proposal, and I am curious what you think of this (see image)
      I have used my “favourite” JAH9 BF3 “Markaz Monolith” satellite map as example.

      – “Since a crystal-clear picture is worht a million words”
      – “To get all bf3multiplayer visually/ mentally on the same page (again)”
      This image clearly shows the redzones and RU/US base-boundaries of the map.
      So after seeing this image, everyone knows the rules (visually)


      Please let me know what you think of this proposal ?

      Special thanks to JAH admin [DrRuessel], for pointing me in the right direction to share this proposal with the rest of the JAH community.

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