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      Metro 24/7 servers have a rule “Fight for B only” when there are less than 20 active players.
      The purpose of this rule is to keep the game fun until more players join.

      Rules While B only is in effect:
      1. US attackers, cannot leave the front metro station. They can go through the alley doors, but to only peak.
      2. RU attackers, can go to the bottom of the front, back and red stairs under B, but they cannot advance passed the first train / pillar.
      3. Both teams can shoot into the other objectives, PROVIDING that they are within the B only boundaries.
      4. Admins will kill, kick and ban players who do not follow this rule. Not following this rule can spoil the game for others and potentially empty the server.
      5. Seeders (people who are populating) do not count as an active player.

      The boundaries are shown within the screenshots.

      Any questions can be forwarded to myself or rigbis.


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