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    Hello JAH team!

    I am making a complaint on one of your admins – Kiplings_Error_3 for abusing his teamswap admin commands and threatening me with one month ban for making a conversation with him about this abuse. I wasn’t swearing or using rude words, just asking him, which rule I broke for teamswapping me, because there is no rule to play on Russian side each game. Some previous games I was teamswapped two times during the game. The first time, at the start of the game I was teamswapped to US. We pushed the RU team and got “B” base and after a while I got teamswapped by command back to the RU team (the admin was in game). The last game I was playing I got teamswapped by command to the US team, because admin Kiplings_Error_3 got probably multiple times killed by my grenades. As an explanation, he wrote: “Learn to play on US team”. I disagreed with such action, so I was trying to chat with him and few minutes later, I got mute. So I have to write here to ask you, if it is OK, to do anything admin likes to do:

    – Teamswapping whenever he wants
    – Threatening with one month ban for multiple asking which rule I broke (I didn’t get any answer for that)
    – Muting as he does not want to talk to me

    And to be clear, I was not spamming, I was just replying to his reactions. The message length is very short, so some longer messages had to be divided into smaller.

    Thank you JAH team,


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    Giving us your In- game Name is one of the most important things 😉


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    I’m sorry I’ve abbreviated my nickname. The full nickname is Waki30333.

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