abusing teamswap commands

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    “if it is OK, to do anything admin likes to do:

    – Teamswapping whenever he wants
    – Threatening with one month ban for multiple asking which rule I broke (I didn’t get any answer for that)
    – Muting as he does not want to talk to me”

    1) Yes, if you always join the winning Team or playing one side (US / RU) only
    2) Yes
    3) Yes

    Is it ok to say to him: kill yourself in real life? No
    Doesn´t matter on what Server you play (exc. your own one), you always should remember you are a guest on that server!
    If you don´t like to get switched in a round you can buy a VIP Slot – http://jah-warriors.eu


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    I told you that it was your constant swapping to the Russian side whenever A) at the start of a round and B) when you join. Was the reason that I told that you would receive a holiday from the server.
    This warning has also been give to other player not just you by myself and other Admin so you are not the only one. If you find it hard to play as US or Russian for that matter then what can I say….
    There was no abuse of power at all. I was putting you back into the Side you started the round in. Before you swapped. You didn’t like that and then started spamming the chat as to what rule that was. There isn’t one, but in the same breath what rule says you can swap. Again there isn’t one. That is why you were muted.


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    “Is it ok to say to him: kill yourself in real life? No”

    It wasn’t a reaction on him, just ironic reply on stupid message by another player which I was not talking to…

    But I get it, you know, I got experiences from projects containing mostly over thousand players, so there is mostly unaccepted to punish actions, which are not mentioned in project rules. Or to be clear – anything what is not forbidden is allowed. 🙂

    I just wanted to have it clear how rules policy works here, now I understand. So that’s all. Thank you and please accept my apologies.

    PS: I don’t get it why I have ban on my home IP address on this forums. 🙂

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