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    Your attitude is simply appalling and frankly we are tired of the constant dramas you cause.
    Every time you join the server you are centre of a different issue. Worry less about others and focus on your own behaviour.
    You were muted last night because you just bitching about how weak and corrupt we admins are. You write messages to simply bait others into starting arguments, you’re just upset that none of us took the bait last night.

    As for the M320 kills against you last night. You were posting passive agressive messages about it, instead of just writing. “Hi **** is using M320, can someone take a look”. I would have been happy to assist. The way you wrote about it made me not want to give you my time of day.

    Just play and enjoy the game and don’t worry about things that do not concern you.
    I also wish you a happy new year.