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    Hello Vodya,

    1. The amount of wrong reports you have done has resulted in you losing your report function. If you think I’m lying, that’s your problem. I treat everyone on the server equally, every gamer is punished as soon as he does not abide by the rules.
    2. Spawind kicked the 35Master35 for glitching.
    3. You have to clarify this directly with Spawind. Your report function was not used because of this.
    4. What do you want to tell us ??? I don’t see anything there.
    5. “Lets also figure out who is that Robert guy who encouraging Spawind to abuse”, I don’t see what Robert should have done or encouraged with Spawind. pps. I got Rober on December 29th. banned, just for your info, he is on my whitelist as you say.
    6. should we punish everyone who writes f …. noob? that’s part of it, grow up.