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      As-Salaam-Alaikum, brothers;

      Another display of the admins use of power has recentlty caused uproar in the community,

      this is a terrible situation for the JAH servers fandom and reputation.

      This ban made against myself is a pure act of jealousy and a low T count.

      I can prove I’m not a cheater by livestreaming.¬† Its not my fault I’m genetically blessed with the abillity of 24/7 domination, whether you like it or not I am better than all of you.

      And frankly you’re not just missing out on the presence of a great player, but the sheer entertainment I provide for you boring people, and yet its completely free.

      Just Imagine it, I, a god. blesses the community with a challenge and opportunity to better themselves, yet you see it as a the rapture.

      I can simply talk the talk and walk the walk.

      I am the one.


      <p style=”text-align: center;”>~plz unban~</p>

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