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    Hi 4uintus.

    There are no perfect settings for the balancer. We make it to strong, people complain, too weak, people complain. We have reviewed these settings many times and we will not amend them anymore.

    As for the malfunction of the auto-balancer. Like all services on the internet, the server can pick up latency (causing poor performance). Our plugins are designed to restrict themselves during these periods to reduce the effect on players. Once the server has stabilised this can cause a surge in auto-balance reactions. It is not perfect, but it is how it is designed.

    I understand your points, but we will not be amending the balancer. If people are still unhappy, then they are welcome to a VIP slot for the price of a cup of coffee.

    The all weapons server is like a bus service. It is never populated when you expect it and boom, 50 players out of nowhere. Its a roulette of the BF3 population. This happens because our regulars play on other friendly community servers like WBKS and TNT to change things up.

    Take a look at the screenshot provided. Out of all the available metro servers, ours remain consistently populated.