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    Hey Alekann,
    thanks for your fast reply.
    1) Sure VIP slots are a great option for a few players. My goal though was not to get myself or someone else whitelisted, but to draw attention to the (in my opinion) malfunction of the autobalancer.
    2) Like I said its a suggestion, so its up to you. With the post and replies I dont ask you to shape the server to my liking, but I wanted to share my thoughts to keep the server popular. From long experience on Metro servers: shorter amount of tickets help to keep the server populated. I have seen the Metro-All Weapons server depopulated midday on multiple occassions in the last couple weeks. Everybody here should know by now that I will play that server if it has 800 tickets or 3000…but to my knowledge a lot of other players dont.
    3) Ok, thanks for that info!

    Best Regards