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Every time I join server I have to deal with bunch of idiots having fun in braking rules. They have nothing better to do than ruin game for all the normal ppl. They are there bcz u`re weak and corrupted. Its not bitching, its a fact. And I tried to be soft for years, but enough is enough.

Again, u are lying about bait. Trying to defame me so u wouldnt have to face the truth. But in reality I couldnt care less of how some 20yo kid will take my reports, all I want is rules to be acting. Anyway, normal admin would stop violations first and immediately, despite of any issue with report itself. But u`re deliberately focusing of any poor excuse just to protect yourself. Im bithicng, Im passive-agressive, Im causing drama. Like even if any of it was true it gives u the right to crap on rules. Fix your lies, they dont make any sense.

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