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    Hi marsmyk.

    I can agree with your first point as I am a player as well as an admin. But regarding the other points I don’t think is a good idea to limit almost all classes but medic. It has to be a balanced decision. Otherwise we should limit medics maybe because… I don’t know, they can glitch as well. Or ban m16 because it is a ‘noob weapon’ or… we can always find a reason to limit things. Thus the balance…

    The sniper thing is different. Because in a baserape situation a lot of players in the raped team switch to snipers because it is safer. By doing that they contribute to eternize the raping and this is a problem because I think we can all agree that baseraping is not funny.

    Let’s see what the bosses think about it. Thanks for playing with us and contributing with your ideas ­čÖé