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    irk1964, thank you for the excellent map highlighting the red zone areas. This is my interpretation too of which areas, not always shaded red, should be included in the definition of red zone. The standard in-game map will highlight all red zone areas except that which encompasses your own base. Through experience of playing on each team, you get to know where the bounds of your base area red zone is.

    The red zone camping is a huge issue for me. I give any enemy player the space to leave their base area red zone, but too often, I am repeatedly shot at from the base area red zone from the enemy heli or from armoured vehicles. There are some players that I repeatedly warn regarding the red zone rules, and while they understand what I am saying, they simply just ignore it.  I am trolled by some players regarding this with comments such as “file a report” (or worse!) when I state the rules to them.  For example, I was at A the other day in the heli and the enemy heli was on its way out of their base next to A. I attempted to move away from the area only to be shot. I didn’t shoot or shoot back, keeping in mind the baserape and red zone rules, but in the end I just deliberately crashed and died.

    My view is that everyone abides by the rules or no-one abides by them. I’m repeatedly damaged or killed by the same people breaking the same rules. It’s not a language barrier and they are not stupid – they know what they are doing. Perhaps a clearer definition of the base area red zone in the in-game rules may help, but my feeling is that the rules might simply be better with the restriction on the red zone camping removed. I’d be a hell of a lot more aggressive when it comes to seeing a vehicle approaching me from the base area.

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