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      Your Ingamename (Battlelogname)?– fiski69
      Which server? –JAH Rush server i think all JAH servers
      When did you get banned?– 13-4-2019 (today)
      Which Battlelogmessage do you get when you try to join one of our servers? –Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: bad language [perm][Janssent11041]
      Explain us in a short text your situtation! i wrote bad language in chat then got permanently banned from all JAH servers i admit i wrote bad language but i didn’t expect it to be worth a permanent ban i apoligize for what i wrote and i hope i get unbanned since i play on JAH rush servers almost everyday.

      #BF3 #banappeal #YOUR_INGAMENAME

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        From what I see:
        You stole a tank. You were kicked by admin because of it. You rejoined and decided to start giving the said admin a load of abuse “My dick coming in ur mom jannsent”

        I have spoken to Janssent, and he agrees to give you another chance. Respect the rules, game and admins.
        You won’t get another chance.

        Ban is lifted.

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          You guys really shouldn’t make Jansset to a admin. This guy is an selfish person who doesn’t respect human rights at all. He is insulting everybody like “bitch” “You idiots”.
          He called me a bitch because I didnt use perks?! After I said fuck off he banned me. This guy has personal problems , I really dont care about that JAH server. If people saying “noob”, Janssent directly ban them. But if Janssent going to insult someone, the real founders of JAH doesnt care.
          So fuck off Janssent. Oh, are you going to ban me from this homepage now to? 😛 little faggot
          BTW: I have clips of that when Janssent insulted, piece of shit.

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            If you feel our admins are abusing their powers please place a support ticket with full details of the situation.

            Head admins will then investigate.

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              We just send a message to Amnesty International. They will contact you soon. Thread closed!

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