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    NOTE: Forgive me if I have posted my 1st question here into the wrong forum category

    Hello JAH Warriors.
    1. First things first:
    I love all the JAH BF3 servers your clan keeps up, running and populated. Thank you all very much for doing this. Especially the JAH #2 server with the Metro map (in conquest mode) which does not allow players to use explosives (like C4 and grenades). Great!

    2. Tonight (22-12-2012) I got kicked (for 60 min) from that same server with the following reason [ No Death”] (see 2nd screenshot 2) while using an EodBot as low_profile “remote recon-tool” for spotting out enemy positions in the thick smoke clouds.

    1. Do you have a “print-out version” of all current rules / JAH servers?
    2. If yes? Where can I find ALL rules which apply for this JAH 2 server?
    (neatly put together into for example a jpg image?) so I can print ‘m out for myself.

    When I type in the command “!RULES” into the main chat – the server-response sometimes gets a bit fragmented due to the server itself chatting and or other players chatting with other players.

    2. Can you please explain what I did wrong? What act which got me kicked?
    The server disconnection happened, which I incidently “repaired” an enemy player
    with the EodBot torch on my recon ops.

    I’m looking forward to your reply.