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    Hi TheGunSelena.

    I have reviewed the logs from today.
    Malteup spoke calmly and repeatedly asked you not to join the winning time. He also explained he was trying to balance the server at the time and asked you to stay in your current team and not switch.

    After reviewing your logs, there are some troubling discoveries:
    “looser shits”
    “rertard move”
    “stop shaking my screen autistic noob”

    And all that was just from today.
    Maybe if you explained to Malteup that you wanted to join a friend instead of responding to him in the manner that you did, maybe he would have been more understanding.

    As an admin, I cannot see that he did anything wrong. He didn’t do anything without first explaining his intentions and I see no player abuse (which clearly wasn’t meant in jest).

    If you want to appeal your ban, please place a support ticket and we will review your ban with Malteup, it will be his decision. Otherwise, I would focus on your own behaviour before you start challenging others.