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    Thank you for your response.

    Then it must be someone who he knows, because the whole situation is linked with him. After picking a MGL, I got killed with reason “it is not only for you” or something like that. After making a complaint ingame on that Player and kind-a disrupting him while he was playing with this weapon (standing in his way) I got kicked out. I understand, this wasn’t an appropriate behavior by me, but I believe, it’s not something for getting kicked out of game. None admin was in-game at this time (command !admin says that there are 0 admins currently logged in). But for one time I was an admin at BF3 server and there was a client program to do such things (kick, kill and so on) so I believe these actions were done remotely without any warning or information who exactly did this to me. Looks like there is a connection between this player and some unknown admin.

    I like this server (you can see time I’ve spent here) and such things can ruin a fun you are having. And this is not the first time, maybe I’m just lucky for these situations, but yesterday I encountered similar incident. As you know, these map makes you sometimes camp, and for one round I decide to the strategy based on camping and throwing grenades and I was lucky at getting kills. It’s not glitching or something like that, because I am not using any texture bugs, or being at position where you need to do some effort to get there. Typical camping spot. And what happened? Some players were complaining at me that I’m cheater (I had 96/14 K/D) and after a time, admin (or VIP) Hurzius ordered me to move away. It was without any punish, fortunately, but still, I wasn’t violating any of your rules. I moved, for a while, and then returned to my previous position. The question is, why was I even warned? After what happened today, I’m afraid of that the same scenario could happen if I refuse to do so. Thank you again for your future response.

    He wasn’t killed by a splash, he went up through stairs and they killed him while he was running back down. Still it doesn’t explain the reason why I got killed? As we know, this player is well known for getting kills only by a MGL weapon in the whole battle. For one time, someone took his weapon and then he must be killed for that action? Really?

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