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    i doubt it’s skill, he even jumped around a corner and shoot my friend directely 1 hit kill, no 1 can do headshots all time like in video.

    My friend was testing them and he camped out of sight on a spot and unexpected8 just jumped around corner and boom shoot him then continued going. I still suspecting his hacking since 247firplay is taking him as SUSPICOUS and if you guys wont look closer into it then, you guys will begin to lose players since tons of players keept leaving because of this player and server is starting to die more and more by being empty since when unexpected8 begun to play on it.

    Main thing is if you check video again you can see him doing headshots on players that hardly in sight as well, one dude was almost 90{65e1047b100d0ba5b6ca29c1f2bdc3e44140905aa81b71d69028261c895e02a9} behind wall and guy shoot him with headshot anyway so that also makes it suspicous. for us who plays on your server. Either you choose to ban him or you will begin to loose players and server will be empty 24/7 because of it. Before this player was on the server then it was more full and alot of times too but now it’s 0 players 24/7 almost and will be 24/7 soon if this keeps up.

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