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    Thanks for your feedback!

    Although some people think we don’t pay attention or that we don’t give a shit about those comments that is not true. I always encourage people to write their suggestions and complains here because we can discuss focused in the topic instead of doing it while playing. And here all members can read the comments and leave their thoughts.

    I already told you about the 3rd floor thing and you kind of wrote it in your msg so I won’t extend to that.

    The balance thing is by far the most difficult thing to manage in this (very very old and bad designed) game. I know bosses have tried hard in the past with plugins and settings. At the end there is ALWAYS a group happy with the settings and a group unhappy with them. And bosses never stopped trying to set it up the best way. I think in upcoming days there’s something but i leave that to bosses if they want to comment.

    Cya on the battlefield, mate!