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    yesterday i have joined your lovely Servers like every day. Iam playing BF3 since 2015 and never got this Problem, because i have never used any kind of Cheat, Hack or unfair gameplay on my Battlefield 3 Premium Account.

    Yesterday i had joinded an recvieved the message:

    Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: DPS Automatic Ban [4-MP443-98-62-9-63] [perm][AutoAdmin]

    I had taken the M249 Machine Gun  – Supporter Class and cold Beers for my Entertainment.

    I don´t understand my failure, why i´ve been banned from all Servers? Maybe i´ve been taken a Gun with too much Power? Does the M248 Machine Gun got higher bullets per second (than other weapons) and my choice was unfair against other players? Google just tells me iam fucked and there is no way to reach a 75 : 15 game results. (Rank 9 since 2015 – 40 years old with house and kids)

    Please, take away this Perm-Ban from me. I just want to play my favourite game!