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    Name: Reactionnnnnnn
    server: [JAH] Warriors #02 – Metro Only – No Explosives
    Time: 15 Aug 2019
    Ban msg: Error Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: Suspected Cheating. Linked acc: Meowoax [perm][EQLS_Alekann]
    Hi , why am Banned for linked account to another player? when am daily player in JAh servers.

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    The account Reactionnnn isn’t banned, it is a linked account which has the ban message “Suspected Cheating Linked acc: Meoqoax”.
    Considering I banned this account last October, and you have played recently leads me to believe you have shared your account with someone or you’ve access someone else’s account.

    Since I haven’t actually banned this account, I cannot remove the ban since either our or the Battlelog database has automatically linked these accounts.

    The JAH Administration Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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