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      So, on Metro, this abusive admin Kiplings_Error was spaming enemy groups with the EOD BOT from upstairs and I decided to harden up his very manly gameplay, by shooting arrows from underground water into the ceiling, close to B flag. The hitbox started to show that I am doing damage, and I could see the orange sign of EOD BOT spawning and going for easy kills. And I kept shooting that flag zone with poison arrows. After a minute or less, Kiplings said on chat that “whoever shoots the poison arrows trough ceiling should stop or I will find him or ban him”. So I replied that “it doesn’t say anywhere I shouldn’t do that. Is not a glitch, it’s the game, so stop spaming with the EOD”. He didn’t replied, and after two-three minutes, I get kicked.
      So, should I stop playing on this server, or the owner, apparently friends with Kiplings, will do something about him? He always warns people with kicks and bans, he almost always is playing on the RU team (the winner one), and he almost only plays with M320 and EOD BOT. I do not brag, but isn’t the game supposed to be fun instead of being frustrating for everyone on the US team who always gets smashed with M320-s, XM25-s and EOD BOT? If I’m not right, ban those poison arrows, but if I am amd you respect your players, ban the EOD and warn Kiplings for abuse.

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        I was playing EOD to try to get at the person that was shooting arrows up the red tunnel. Trying to help my team as we could not move off the top step because of the poison arrow spam which happened to be you and another player.
        Then after a while someone started firing Poison arrows into the ceiling which is was the top of the stairs at the red tunnel by locker entrance. I asked for it to stop but it carried on. So after a couple more minutes, I left and joined as spectator to find out who it was. First off i could not see anyone. Then i found that it was you.
        Please take a look.

        So you were not shooting at an orange sign for eod because i was not on the server.
        At no point is any player taking any damage as that was patched out a while ago.

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          @mc_criss – time to say sorry 😀 Our Admins do not abuse their rights and are really fair. Also Kip is not playing “always in the win team” – he Assist very often the losing Team. What you have done with the Bow is the same as the ppl did (and still do) with the C4 “glitch” in BF3. Stop it – it is a glitch / bug and you abuse it…

          @Kip and the other Admins: if you see him again doing this Ban him please…

          Btw: we do not discuss about this!

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            What an awful glitch! I see no reason for you to not be kicked for doing this. Nice catch @Kip. I was actually playing on that server at that time, I think. And I also remember the chat, then suddenly, Kip left the server for some reason and then wrote the reason for kicking a certain person in chat: “I warned you”

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