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    [JAH] Warriors #01 – Metro Only – No Rules – 64 Slots
    Don’t remember exactly – somwhere around december / january

    Cannot join a server since the kick / ban …. so how many days would be 99999 minutes ?

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    This is not a local Ban from us. It is a Anti Cheat Ban from a Anti Cheat tool. As you can see in the Reason: ACI-PB-VIOLATION-89384-BF4

    Game BF4
    Anti Cheat Tool: ACI – http://Anticheatinc.net
    Reason: Punk Buster Violation

    Cheat/Hack Violations:
    When PunkBuster detects a cheat or hack by repeated positive identification on a player’s computer, a violation is raised. These violation numbers are 50000 and higher. Families of cheats are listed below. Resolution: Remove cheats and hacks from the computer.
    #50000s – Aimbot
    #60000s – Wallhack
    #70000s – Multihack
    #80000s – Gamehack
    #90000s – ‘Cheat’ Video Drivers
    #100000s – Speedhack
    #110000s – Autofire
    #120000s – Game Hook
    #130000s – Attempted PunkBuster Hack

    You have to clarify your Ban with them. As i know it from the past some ppl come back here to discuss the Ban or ask question about the Ban i say it now directly in the Post:
    We canĀ“t do anything for you in this case.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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