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    Your Ingamename (Battlelogname): M16A3NoRecoilHax
    Which server: BF3 [JAH] Warriors #01 Metro Only – All Weapons – 64 Slots
    When did you get banned: Don’t know exactly, probably even a year ago
    Which Battlelogmessage do you get when you try to join one of our servers? “Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: No Cheating! [perm][BF3Metro]”
    Explain us in a short text your situtation:
    My situation is the following: I got banned on your server a long time ago, but I didn’t care much because I was going over to BF4 and there were still plenty of Metro servers left on BF3. Now, me and a friend want to play BF3 Metro again, but we are nearly not able due to lack of appropriate servers here in Germany.
    I wrote an e-mail to you, “[email protected]” replied that he was unable to find the ban in the system.
    Obviously, if you take a look at my stats you can see that I am not cheating.

    Hope we can get this solved.


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    Hi M16A3NoRecoilHax,

    as I already wrote you in the eMail, I’ve deleted your ban.
    I guess that our bansystm got a little error because your ban was once again in our banlist, but I’ve also deleted that one.

    Please try again to join our servers and if there are any problems, contact us again.

    Kind regards

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    We have a new Support System. Please open a Ticket here to appeal your Bans. Thank you…

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