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    1. We both know u`re lying. E.g.: can we see any of my last “wrong” reports? Oh, right – thats my problem.
    2. And how many reports about master were send that round? And by how many ppl? And whats the time between first one and kick? And why at least 3 admins had time to abuse mute function and insult 2 good players, but not to punish master? Its like justifying war crimes by saying “well, at the end we did sign capitulation, right? what else do u want from us?”. Doesnt work this way.
    3. Sure, sure… Several ppl repoting did force administration to punish master, and next round I lost ability to report. Coincidence.
    4. U only need prokon and 5 minutes to invistigate. But yes, thats my probllem. Why would u spent your precious time for anything but your pleasure, right?