BF4 Seeder Tutorial

This Seeding Tool imitates a join on the Server. Origin is not needed for this. Your “Soldier” is not on the Server! It won´t effect your Stats!
It simply shows on the Battlelog a higher population for the Server. For example: you see 10/64 now you start the Seeder Tool and it will show 11/64.
On the Server are still only 10 players.
This is useful if you don´t want to play for that Moment but your PC is running. You can´t play Battlefield 4 AND seed at the same time!
Do not use it if there are more than 30-40 Players on the Server. It is only helpful on low population (less than 30). Do not forget to turn it off!

How to use the Seeding Tool:

First login to BL on the Seeder Site

Then put in the needed Data above!
Your Persona ID and the Server GUID
You can find your Persona ID on your BL Stats Site:
And the Server ID on the Server Details Site:

This are the Server GUID´s for our JAH BF4 Servers:

#01- Metro: fe48b654-e88c-4916-ad7d-bb5acd9e33c2

You got all needed Data? OK, lets go and click on “Seed it”
If everything is right a new tab will open and you should see this:

If something went wrong it shows you what went wrong instead of “success”. To stop seeding you only have to close the Tab!
Thank you for your help. Every player who is shown in BL helps to start the Servers faster.