BF4 Firestorm

A.t.m. our BF4 Firestorm Server is running again but only with 10 Slots due to a lack of Donation / VIP Members!
We really need your help / Donation to bring it back to the old configuration (50 Slots).
You like to play on our Firestorm Server? You are a regular Player on the Firestorm Server?
Visit our V.I.P. Slot Shop and help us: VIP Slot Shop
Thank you…

Servers will get down

Hey there,

we’ve decided to close some of our servers in BF3, BF4 and also in BFH.
In BF3 we’re closing the Noshahr TDM server, in BF4 the Firestorm and in BFH the Dust Bowl servers. They all three end in about one month (second june in 2017).
There are several reasons for this decision but one of the mainreasons are the lack of donations for this servers and especially in BF4 the great “UI-Downgrade” that ruined the whole game.
We’re sorry to tell you but it doesn’t make sense to keep this servers running.